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First and foremost, we are farmers. We live everyday with the same issues and concerns for how we make a living and support our community.

Everythingfarm.com was created because we are losing what we love most, farms and farmers. As a result of this trend we have dedicated our time and resources to provide tools and services that will allow farmers to prosper.

This site is about you, the farmer. Your participation and support in building the community at Everythingfarm.com is vital in helping to create a better future. We look forward to working with you and incorporating your feedback.


Farmers Helping Farmers

Everythingfarm.com was created by farmers, for farmers. We understand the challenges and opportunities farmer’s deal with every day. Its our mission to facilitate the sustainable creation, growth and profitability of local farms everywhere. We’re building a farming community that values buying locally and promoting a healthier way of life. Contact us and connect with this growing online resource!