Phoenix Farm

Phoenix Farm produces pasture-raised pork and lamb, natural broilers, and chicken, duck, and goose eggs. We are now offering herd and flock shares, allowing customers to buy meat on installment. Phoenix Farm's vision is of restoring connections... to the earth and how food is grown and processed, to each other, to our own inner wisdom, to a greater spirit, through democratic, peaceful, sustainable practices. In 1996, Kate and Ed Kerman purchased Phoenix Farm and ran it as a hobby farm and as Phoenix Farm Learning Center, providing assorted educational activities on the farm with the idea of teaching people where food comes from. Beginning a few years later, their daughter Hannah Kerman, a woman with a deep love of animals and currently a trained veterinary technician, also lived on the farm. In 2009, after her husband died unexpectedly, Kate and Ed's other daughter, Ada Kerman, moved from Portland, Oregon, with her two young children to live on the farm as well. In 2011, the family decided to expand the farm with an aim to providing food to more people and hopefully earning some money.


Ada Kerman

Location/Contact Info:

Phoenix Farm
350 Troy Rd. Street
Marlborough, NH


Farm stats

Owner Operated: Yes
Acreage: 29.00
In Operation: 7 years


  • Dairy /Eggs
  • Fibers
  • Livestock / Meat

Farming Practices

  • Grass Fed/Pastured
  • Transitional

Farming Services

  • Breeding
  • Consulting


1 listing
  • Livestock - Swine - Guinea
    Quantity: 5 each Price: $250.00
    Registered American Guinea Hog gilts. Born December 2nd. Will be ready to pick up late January/early February. Lineage posted at Price includes transfer of...