Gap Mountain Goats

Gap Mountain Goats raises healthy, hardy Kiko goats, ducks, chickens and hogs. Kiko breeding stock occasionally available. All-natural meats: chevon, duck, chicken, pork Eggs: Chicken & duck (seasonal) Chevon: Dam's milk and forage fed only - NO GRAIN. No Antibiotics. No Chemical Wormers. No Medicated Feed. Visit for more information.


Location/Contact Info:

Gap Mountain Goats
Jaffrey Road aka Rt 124 Street
Marlborough, NH


Farm stats

Owner Operated: Yes
Acreage: 100.00
In Operation: 15 years


  • Dairy /Eggs
  • Livestock / Meat

Farming Practices

  • Grass Fed/Pastured
  • Halaal
  • Naturally Grown

Farming Services

  • Breeding


1 listing
  • Livestock - Goats - Kiko
    Quantity: 1 $ Price: $600.00
    3.5 year old Purebred Kiko herdsire. CAE/CL/TB/Brucellosis/Johne's tested and clean. Solid, consistently low FECs, excellent forager