Our Pledge to the Victims of Boston’s Tragic Event

To our community,

We are deeply saddened by Monday’s tragic attack on our close neighbor, Boston, Massachusetts. Even as we mourn, though, we are witness to the people of Boston displaying great strength and faith in response to this attack.

From the brave and honorable actions of those at the scene, to the generous, compassionate, and heartfelt support extended by the local and global community, we bear witness to a human response that strongly reminds us of the fact that the good of the world will always greatly outnumber the bad.

Starting immediately we will donate 5$ to THE ONE FUND* up to $25,000 for every posting or user registration that is submitted to Everythingfarm.com.

We send our deepest condolences to all those affected. Stay Strong Boston.


The Everythingfarm.com Team

*The official Boston Marathon Victims Fund