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Piglet Waterer Bowl Modern pig farms need plenty of drinking water, as during the pig’s growing period, lots of clean drinking water is needed. One fattening pig needs to drink 8-12L water for one night, a pregnant sow needs 14-18L water for one night, a lactation sow needs 18-22L water for one night, a one-week old piglet needs 180-240g water per kilogram weight for one day, and a four-week old piglet needs 190-255g water per kilogram weight for one day. Pig waterer bowl is one of the necessary facilities in pig farms, as the waterer bowl can provide clean water continuously and save water in a degree. We supply three models of pig drinking bowl ZZW piglet drinking bowl (made of Polypropylene PP), YD pig waterer bowl( made of Stainless steel), CX pig drinking bowl( made of Stainless steel). Contact: Roosy; Email:;Skype: ella.zhai3

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