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Brief Introduction of 4YB-2 Corn Combine Harvester 4YB-2 corn combine harvester, matched with small four-wheel tractor, is equipped with 15Kw single cyclinder diesel engine. It takes full advantage of tractor power and walk device, increasing the use ratio of tractor. This harvester can strip the corncob from the stalks and pack them at one time. It’s also equipped with straw chopping knife to cut the straw and return them to the filed. Its operation is not restricted to the row pacing and number of rows, solving the problem of mechanical corn harvesting must be the same row spaces in the past. We also supply 3 rows corn combine harvester and 4 rows corn combine harvester. Features of 4YB-2 Corn Combine Harvester 1. Humanized design, stable performance, small power consumption, high efficiency. Simple structure, light weight, convenient operation, flexible and having unique reel initiative feeding device. 2. Adjustable opening width of stripper rollers suitable for the different thickness of cornstalk in different filed, ensuring a good working performance. 3. Three groups of staggered chopping knife solve the problem of different row spaces, smash the straw fast and easily. 4. Rear rack: adding two ribs so that to form two triangles, greatly increase the strength. 5. Adding battery holder, one or two batteries can be installed. If you like to know our machine, welcome to send inquiry to or visit our website:

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