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MS Scraper Conveyor Type: good sealed en-masse scraper conveying of bulk materials Conveying materials: pallets and powder materials Capacity: 50-1500T/H Major equipments: scraper chain, machine shell, sprocket, protection device, drive, tension device Applications: specially designed en masse flight conveyor applied in bulk powder and pallet materials MS scraper conveyor adopts non-metal wear-resistant material or wear-resistant material as main wear-resistant layer, enables high efficient conveying of a large variety of pallets or powder materials. This welded cranked link chain en masse flight conveyor is widely applicable in feed, rice, flour plants, oil plants, grain storage, port etc. Featured characteristics of MS scraper conveyor: ● Simple structure and flexible configuration. MS scraper chain conveyor allows multiple points feeding and discharging, which is applicable for various conveying of materials. ● Assembling head and return pulley. The assemble structure ensures convenient disassemble and repair in work. ● Durable bending chain. MC scraper conveyor adopts heavy-duty welding bending chain, special treated shaft, chain plate and scrapping, ensuring high strength, high durability of conveyor. ● High wear-resistant material wiper blade. The adoption of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene assures high strength and wear-resistance of wiper blade of MC scraper conveyor, avoids direct friction between conveyors and wiper blade shell, reduces operating noise and extend operation lifetime of conveyor effectively. ● Removable equipment cover, bottom plate and side plate. Uniquely designed disassemble structure enable easy maintenance and replacement. ● Slide rain tensioning device of scraper conveyor tail part.

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