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MC Scraper Conveyor Type: 0-90°elevating type en-masse scraper conveying of bulk materials Conveying materials: pallets and powder materials Capacity: 50-1500T/H Major equipments: scraper chain, machine shell, sprocket, protection device, drive, tension device Applications: specially designed en masse scraper conveyor applied in wet meal plant in oil extraction treatment work MC scraper conveyor is a kind of special designed conveyor applicable for oil extraction plant. The flexible configured 0-90 degrees elevating allows convenient and high efficiency conveying of wet meal in various oil extraction plants. Featured characteristics of MC scraper conveyor: ● Bend scraper specially designed for oil extraction plant. MC scraper conveyor is featured by simple structure and flexible configuration. It allows angle of 0-90°elevating of wet meal in oil extracting plant. ● Split structure head pulley and return pulley assures convenient and easy disassemble and repair in operation. ● Durable bending chain. MC scraper conveyor adopts heavy-duty welding bending chain, special treated shaft, chain plate and scrapping, ensuring high strength, high durability of conveyor. ● High wear-resistant material wiper blade. The adoption of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene assures high strength and wear-resistance of wiper blade of MC scraper conveyor, avoids direct friction between conveyors and wiper blade shell, reduces operating noise and extend operation lifetime of conveyor effectively. ● Fixed guide rail tension device of return pulley. Solvent venting valve designed on end face of MC scraper conveyor allows less failure rate, good sealing, easy operation and convenient maintenance. ● Good appearance and high elevating capacity. The MC scraper conveyor owns long operating life, low energy consumption, and low material damage rate in all kinds of application fields.

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