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Belt Conveyor 1.belt width 500-2000mm 2.Adjustable belt speed 3.Big convey capacity Belt conveyor has two kinds: supporting roller belt conveyor and air cushion belt conveyor. The belt conveyor is widely used for bulk conveying field, such as grain industry, port, wharf, mining industry, coal industry,chemical industry, steel industry etc. Advantage of Huatai belt conveyor 1.the head pulley is drum type, and coated with herringbone or rhombic rubber for friction force increasing and self-aligning to prevent against sideslip. 2.Big belt width range, from 500-2000mm 3.Convey capacity and speed can be adjusted 4.The tension device has screw-type, hammer type and car-type for optional 5.Large conveying capacity, low consumption, good sealing tightness, which is grain environment protective. 6.It is equipped with sideslip monitoring, emergency stop monitoring, speed monitoring, blockage proof and other safe protection monitoring devices, so it is much safer. 7.the conveyor can be configured flexibly according to technological requirement.

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