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4WR-140 Reaper-binder Introduction Reaper-binder, a farm implement that improved upon the reaper, is used for cutting small grain crops and tieing the stems into a certain size of bundles or sheaves automatically. These sheaves need several days drying before being threshed. After the ventilated drying, the crops can gain weight to increase production. Our reaper-binder is researched and developed through the cooperation with China Agriculture University. It has great adaptation, suitable for plains, hills, slopes and mountain areas or the areas where is not available for general harvester. Favorable Advantages of Reaper Binder 1. Wide application: It can be used for harvest rice, wheat, soybean, alfalfa, reed and other hay straws with low stem. 2. Cutting and bundling simultaneously, saving working time and labor. 3. Compact structure and small volume makes it flexible and easy to control. 4. Lower stubble height is conductive to the future management of fields. 5. Knot automatically, strapping height and bundling size can be adjusted according to the height of crops. 6. Adjustable steering system makes the operation easy and convenient. 7. It can work normally regardless of the weather. Welcome to send inquiry to

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