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Semi-Automatic Opening Membrane Transplanter Introduction 2ZS-P series semi-automatic opening membrane transplanter is specially designed for transplanting seedlings in membrane paved soil. It can accomplish the work of membrane opening, transplanting, watering and pressing, so as to achieve integrated operating processes with convenience and high efficiency. It is the ideal machine for transplanting vegetables and crops in farming work. Semi-Automatic Opening Membrane Transplanter Characteristics * Advanced technology to ensure high transplanting quality. * Innovative design and compact structure to supply a convenient experience. * Multifunctional application for vegetables and crops in farming ground or greenhouse. * Reliable performance, flexible operation, row spacing, plant spacing and transplanting depth are easily adjustable. * The row spacing and plant spacing is even and uniform, the transplanting depth is also same. * Reduce the labor intensity and save labor cost, high efficiency and survival rate of seedlings. * The machine is strong and durable, which can reduce the damage of hard-packed dirt, having a long service life. Welcome to send inquiry to

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