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Flat die pellet mill is getting more and more popular for small scale pellet production with the advantages of small area coverage, easy operation and maintenance, sturdiness and durability, strong adaptability to various materials and cheap price. AZSPLM 200 biomass flat die pellet making machine has a 7.5kw electric motor to transmit the move force to the pellet press chamber by gear box. The force drive the die rotate while the rollers stays stationary. This die rolling type is more suitable for soft wood pellets and feed pellets comparing with rollers rolling type. Material is pushed into the die holes as the die spins under the rollers and cut to uniform size by the cutting knives. Portable Flat Die Pellet Mill Advantages 1. Gear box is made of high quality grey cast iron materials, which has low noise and good effect of absorbing vibration. 2. Gear transmission is more efficient than belt transmission. Besides, this design can avoid belt slipping situations when working as well as the shortcomings of belt’s short service life. 3. Bearings are sealed structure which can prevent dust effectively and improve working environment. In this wat, this structure can extend the service life of the bearing.

Quantity: 200 tons