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AZSP-150D is a kind of small pellet machines and it is driven by a diesel engine. This small pellet mill is composed of a set of press roller, flat die, feeder and diesel engine, etc. This pellet machine is best used to make pellets from soft materials for home owners, farmers and small businesses owners. The following is the structure chart of diesel flat die pellet machine Our Diesel Flat Die Pellet Press Machine is multifunctional. Whether your interest is in making feed pellets for your chickens, ducks, rabbits, horses and goats, etc., or making animal bedding pellets for animal stalls, or even making biomass pellets for home heating, AZSP-150D is an affordable, user-friendly pellet machine for you. Here are the instructions for making your own wood pellets from sawdust. Wood pellets are made from compressed biomass materials, for example, crop waste, cardboard, recycled paper, leaves, lawn clipping, grasses or sawdust. By using these renewable resources as raw material, biomass pellets are an excellent green solution for home heating.

Quantity: 100 each