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looking for a miniature milk cow for our family, About 39" Petite so my 10 yr old is bigger A2/A2 because A2 milk is what our family needs Dwarf negative, so we will have no problems in calfing as we are new and for selling future calfs to recover losses and costs. Tested and free of all common diseases. Located in central CA willing to travel for the right situation. Hoping to find a heifer calf or milking cow. All testing for dwarf and A2 status can be done at UC DAVIS CA, they are simple tests one just requires tail hairs for the A2 test. Room for some flexibility crosses ok mini less than 41" a2/a2 Dwarf negative

Quantity: 1

age (months): 1 months

Class: Heifer

Condition: Light

Frame: Small

horns: No

Farm: Moobelly