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If you are engaged in wood business, owning a large quantity of wood residues to deal with; or you are a farmer owning a large farm, having many agricultural wastes to dispose; or you are a farmer who breeds animals, such as chicken, ducks, sheep, cattle or pigs, etc and want to make your own feed, it is advisable for you to buy our AZSPLM400C electric flat die pellet mill to turn your agricultural wastes and wood residues into wood pellets for heating and cooking; or make your own feed pellets for animals. Features of AZSPLM400C Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill 1. This flat die pellet mill is roller-turned pellet mill, and it can make more pressure than die-turned pellet mill, so it can process almost all biomass materials and grains to make fuel pellets and feed pellets. 2. Both the flat die and rollers are made of high quality alloy steel, so it is wear resistant and has long service life. 3. This pellet machine is easy to operate. Just follow the manual, you can operate the machine to make your own pellets. 4. Small size, easy to move and durable structure. 5. Easy to maintain and low maintenance cost. 6. Labor-saving, just one or two people are enough.

Quantity: 200 each