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AZSPLM360C electric flat die pellet mill is different from other common die-turned pellet mills, it is a kind of pellet mill which is composed of three rotating rollers and a fixed pellet die. This unique design makes this pellet machine produce higher pressure so it is best for making wood pellets. Of course AZSPLM360C flat die pellet mill can make feed pellets with a higher capacity. Raw Materials for AZSPLM360C Electric Roller Driven Pellet Mill 1. Raw materials for animal feed pellets Raw materials include corn, maize, alfalfa, wheat bran, grass, rice, beans, oil cake, etc. If the materials are large than 6mm, they should be ground by the hammer mill. Usually protein or other nutrients can also be added to the powdery raw materials. 2. Raw materials for wood pellets It has a wide range of raw materials for making wood pellets by our AZSPLM360C flat die pellet machine, such as wood, sawdust, straw, hay, bamboo, sunflower husk, corn stalks, bagasse, palm shells and other biomass materials.

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