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Rice husk is one of the common agricultural wastes for farmers all over the world. Most of them are discarded as waste materials or burnt directly. However rice husk can be made into biomass fuel pellets or mixed with other feedstuff to make feed pellets for animals for alternative usage. You can make rice husk pellets for personal use or make some money by selling extra pellets. As one of leading manufacturers of pellet mill, Azeus Machinery can supply you the good quality rice husk pellet making machine with low price. AZSPLM260B Rice Husk Pellet Mill is a primary choice. Advantages of Our Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine 1. High efficiency, low cost and low energy consumption. 2. Simple structure, easy to move, easy to operate and little floor space. 3. This pellet machine can be used to make both feed pellets and fuel pellets, not only from rice husks but also various agricultural and forestry wastes. 4. Continuous and steady running for 24 hours 5. Rollers and die are made of ally steel, so it is wear resistant and reduce the maintenance cost.

Quantity: 200 each