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The same as AZSPLM120B pellet mill, AZSPLM150B home-use pellet mill is also driven by electric motor. This flat die pelletizing machine can not only process the feed pellets for animals but also can process kinds of biomass materials into biomass fuel pellets for home heating or cooking. Duo to its small structure and low cost, it is more suitable for home use, farm use and small pellet industry. Therefore if you want to make your own feed pellets or fuel pellets with low investment, it is advisable to buy this pellet mill. Features of AZSPLM150B Home-Use Pellet Mill 1. Competitive Price with durable quality. 2. Simple structure, small size and weight, preferred pellet mill for home use and farm use. 3. Durable spare parts, so low maintenance cost. 4. Low energy consumption and less manpower. 5. Reliable and wide application.

Quantity: 200 each