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AZSPLM120B Flat Die Pellet Mill is a kind of small pellet machine which is widely used in small-size pellet factory, various farms or individual families for making feed pellets and wood pellets. This small pellet mill consists of press rollers, flat die, feeder and gear bearing equipped with electric motor. Driven by electric motor, AZSPLM120B is more energy-saving and environmental friendly. Therefore along with the stable performance and low maintenance cost, this small pellet mill has gained a good reputation both in domestic and international markets Features of This Small Pellet Mill Powered by Electric Motor 1. This small pellet mill is driven by electric motor, which makes it more energy saving and environmental friendly. 2. Low maintenance cost. Rollers and die are made of alloy steel which is wear-resistant, and each size of flat die can be used, so the pellet mill has along service life. 3. It is easy to repair. The die and rollers are easy to change for customers. 4. Small size and weight make this pellet mill popular for personal use.

Quantity: 200 each