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If you have a lot of agricultural waste or wood matter lying around your farm, it is the high time to put that waste into good use. AZSPLM230D flat die pellet mill is the machine used for small scale pellet production, which can help you process the waste into feed pellets for your poultry and biomass pellets for burning. It is driven by diesel, so you can operate it in situations where electricity cost is high or where electricity has not yet made its way. You don’t really have to worry about electricity. This is why small scale pellet producers prefer these types of pellet mills. Features of AZSPLM230D flat die pellet making machine 1. Simple structure, wide application, little space needed. 2. For making powdery feedstuff like grass powder, you need not to add extra liquid. 3. Animal feed pellets processed by this pellet machine have smooth surface, not easy to break and highly cooked. 4. Suitable for different feedstock. 5. The pellet mill rollers made of high alloy steel which prolongs use life.

Quantity: 200 each