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Wood pellet fuel, an alternative for fossil fuels, has fierce competitive and stable price in the market. Moreover, in many countries wood pellet fuel is encouraged to use as a countermeasure against global warming, energy security and rise of oil price, and it has proved to have a good effect. Azeus is the professional company to supply pellet machines for customers all over the world. AZSPLM200D pellet mill is offered for small-scale pellet production. Pellets produced by it are with uniform moisture content, shape, size, and density, which match the needs from the automated combustion systems of the stove and boilers, and also take less space in storage and have a higher energy concentration. AZSPLM200D flat die pellet mill features 1. Compact structure and flexible design make home production available. 2. Driven by a diesel engine makes pellets production possible especially in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity. 3. As a core unit of flat die pellet mill, rollers and dies are all made of high alloy steel metal to ensure a low wear. 4. Pellets size is from 2-12mm upon your requirement. When making different size, you just need to change the die mould. 5. Adopting rotating rollers and stationary dies in mould design, this flat die pellet can make fuel pellet and feed pellets.

Quantity: 200 each