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The AZS420A15 hammer mill is small in size, design and structure with capacity of wood pellets 200-400 kg/h for making your wood pellets, which is used to crush the biomass materials such as tree branch, forest waste, wood chip, stalk and straw into not more than 3-5mm powder. Driven by a diesel engine, especially for the rural area lack of electricity, it makes materials crushing come true. It also applies to farming material like rice straw, grain, husk, grass, crop stalks, corn stems, etc. The rotor of hammer mill operates at 3,500 RPM to reach a high speed, thus materials can be grind into the least size. It is a perfect crusher for small scale pellets or briquettes production line to start your own pellets business at home or in the workshop. Typical Applications of AZS20A15 Diesel hammer mill Wood pellets & feed pellet production 2. Biomass briquette production 3. Hogged wood scrap  4. Agro stalks and Straws  5. Planer shavings,corn cob,bamboo

Quantity: 200 each