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AZS420C wood crusher has the same function with AZS420B hammer mill. It is mainly used to crush raw materials with small diameter not more than 100mm, such as corn stalks, tree branches and so on, and the final products can be grinded into the size of 3-5mmwhich is the ideal size for biomass briquetting or pelletizing. But AZS420C hammer mill has an environmental-friendly design with the cyclone, while 420B hammer mill is without the cyclone. Working Principle of AZS420C Hammer Mill Put the raw materials into the crushing chamber through the feed hopper and then the raw materials are crushed by the high-speed running hammer sheets over and over again until they are crushed into the required size. Then the crushed materials leak out from the sieve. The draught fan will convey the leaked materials into the separator centrifuge. Finally the powdery material will be discharged down below and the air will be discharged from the above.

Quantity: 150 each