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AZSPH-300 mobile pellet plant is a newest and simplest pellet making line. This pellet plant can also be called all-in-one pellet machine which consists of pellet mill, hammer mill and dust remover machine and all these parts are on one frame. This combined pellet machine is suitable for processing many kinds of raw materials, such as corn straw, wheat straw, peanut shells, rice husks, wheat bran, corncob, tree branches, leaves, grasses and wood working plant culls, etc. The moisture content of the raw material should be about 10%-13%, you can use the moisture meter to measure the percentage of water in your raw materials.AZSPH-300 mobile pellet plant is not suitable for processing hard wood and the materials with big diameter. Features of This Simplest Pellet Making Line 1. Energy saving. The pellet machine is combined with the hammer mill, and use one motor to drive, thus the power consumption is less than the total energy consumption of single pellet mill and single hammer mill. 2. High efficiency. You don’t have to crush the raw materials before processing, you just need to put your materials into the machine directly and after being crushed they will be transported into the pellet mill directly to make pellets, which saves the working time and labor. 3. Less occupied area. Since the hammer mill, dust remover and pellet mill are fixed on a same frame, the occupied area is greatly saved. 4. Environmental friendly. This simple pellet plant equipped with dust remover machine can protect the environment when it is working. 5. Easy operation and simple maintenance. 6. It can work better with soft wood and materials with small diameter of less than 50mm

Quantity: 150 each