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AZSPH-250 mobile pellet plant is a kind of simplest mobile pellet making line. It consists of hammer mill, pellet mill and cyclone, and all these processing machines are arranged on one base, so this pellet line is easy to move. And three operations are all performed with one machine, so it saves labor and working time. Furthermore this combination pelletizing equipment can be powered by one electric motor, so it saves energy. Features of AZSPH-250 Mobile Combination Pellet/Hammer Mill 1. Multi-functional. This small pellet plant can be sued to make both fuel pellets and animal feed pellets. 2. High efficiency. The processed material can be transported into the pellet mill directly to make pellets, so it saves working time. 3. Less floor space. 4. Cheap and easy to operate and maintain. 5. One or two workers are enough to control and operate the whole plant, so save your labor cost.

Quantity: 200 each