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New Type Wood Shavings Pellet Mill Fote Wood Particle Pellet Mill, Wood Shavings Pellet Mill, New Type Wood Shavings Pellet Mill Details Introduction of Wood Shavings Pellet Mill 1. wood shavings pellet mill is best selling now to press 2-8mm diameter biomass fuel pellet, animal feed and fertilizer pellets , raw biomass materials can be waste from sawdust, rice husk, agricultural stalk, straw, peanut shell, sun flower, paper etc. ,animal feed materials can be grain, soybean, maize etc., fertilizer materials can be animal manure and so on . 2. wood shavings pellet mill can press high density biomass pellets with 1.1-1.4ton/m³ , diameter can be adjusted from 2-8mm, there is knive installed nearby the outlet door, which can adjust pellet length. 3. wood shavings pellet mill adopts Germany high technology ,which is our national patent product. the flat die pellet machine has the unique advantages to enlarge flat die diameter, so roller assemble and bearings are enlarged too, which can produce higher pressure than ring die pellet machine.ring die pellet machine inside ring die is restricted by its diameter, its roller can not be enlarged enough, bearing room is smaller , so the assemble bearing are not strong enough to bear large pressure. 4. Especially for crude fiber biomass materials, its adhesive is very low, needs high pressure to press high density pellets, for biomass, flat die pellet machine is more fit. 5. When wood shavings pellet mill works, it is flat die rotates and then take rollers work, but the whole roller assemble is stable . in this way will keep all materials piles up in the center of die , increase machine capacity and pelletizing efficiency . 6. wood shavings pellet mill can make biomass pellets for burning and make animal feed, fertilizers for farm use. Remarkable Features of New Type Wood Shavings Pellet Mill 1. Special design of feed conditioner adopts the frequency-conversion speed regulating control to guarantee wood pellets quality. 2. The ring die is made by international advanced technology, has long service life and ensure smoothly pelletizing and high quality. 3. The international advanced compensation type flexible coupling is of novel and compact structure, safety, low noise and less trouble. 4. Permanent magnet device can remove impurities in the pelletizing process. New Type Wood Shavings Pellet Mill 1. Structure: Compact structure, easy operation, installation and maintenance; 2. Ring Mode: Equipped with different aperture ring modes; 3. Conditioner: Standard and large stainless steel conditioner can be chosen; 4. Special Design: Stainless steel discharge chute and door closure, Anti-corrosion and durable; 5. Feeder: Strong full stainless steel feeder, feed smoothly, to prevent the plugging material; 6. Application: Suitable for the cotton seed, straw, alfalfa, wood, sawdust, biomass and other wood materials.

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