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Wood Particle Pellet Machine Price What Is the Application Scope of Wood Shavings Pellet Mill ? A. Granulation of crude fiber, such as: rice husk, cotton stalk and other crop stalks; B. Granulation of forestry wastes, such as: wood chips, sawdust, firewood, wood shavings, scrap wood, etc.; C. Granulation of household refuse, plant waste, and materials with low bonding rate and difficult to pellet; D. Granulation of flammable municipal solid waste, coal and other substances; E. Cryogenic granulation of manure, bio-fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer and so on. Wood Shavings Pellet Machine Advantages 1. The finished pellet is clean and green, which can be called green energy. After testing, the sulfur content is 0.16% - 0.22%, which is 1% to 3% far lower than the sulfur content of coal. It is a kind of green energy, which enjoys the green coal reputation in the industry. 2. Adjustable calorific value, burning hours are controllable. By adjusting the agent formula of the coalification, the calorific value can be adjusted to 3500 - 6000 calories, and the burning time can be adjusted to 1 or more than 4 hours. 3. The density becomes greater, which is 1.2-1.4, and the transportation is convenient. It has less land occupation, convenient transportation and storage. The pellet materials can be packed in bags, which can be stored in bags as rice of rural and urban residents. 4. The wood shavings can be make into pellet shape without adding (or just add small amount of) liquid. So the moisture content of pellets is basically the water content of materials before pellet making process, which is more conducive to storage. 5. Wood shavings machine adopts special high-quality materials and advanced coupling transmission device. The key parts are made of high quality alloy steel and wear resistant materials, the use of vacuum furnace heat treatment in Germany, which can prolong the service life of the machine for 5-7 times. Fote Wood Particle Pellet Machine Structure Wood shaving pellet mill is made by molding host,feeding conveyor,material conveyor,control cabinet etc. According to the requirements of wood shaving pellet mill, our factory also provide supporting equipments of a production line of pelleting process,such as automatic feeding machine,mixing system,drying system,cooling systems,packaging systems etc.

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