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Livestock - Swine - Tamworth

Prototypical feeder pigs out of a registered Tamworth boar & our 87.5% Berkshire sow. Beautiful, fast, efficient growth & gains. This is the third time we've done this cross and the results are wonderful; deep & long bellies for maximum bacon yield, incredible intramuscular marbling, hams full to the hock, and big loin eye area for impressive pork chops, there is no sacrifice here. You will yield outstanding carcasses. Our sow farrowed 15, approximately 4-6 left available. The next litter is due this week; sired by the same Tamworth boar, but crossed to our registered Blue Group Gloucestershire Old Spot sow. These are true F1 feeders, finishing even faster than the above Tam x Berk feeders, a little longer & leggier, fuller in the shoulders, & with more backfat. Our pigs are raised on organic & non gmo feed, vegetables, fruit, pasture, & wooded forage. We love & respect our animals and allow them to live a pig's life. We do not give iron shots to shoats as our herd lives on plenty of ground from which to obtain naturally occurring iron; we do not cut boars as it slows their growth to finish and we believe it is an invasive, unnecessary practice, contradictory to allowing the animal to live a healthier, stress-free life. $150/ea. No deposits, just contact us to put your name on the list and you will be notified when the shoats are ready to go. The first litter will be ready 20 September. We will gladly finish your pig for you on our land. Call for details. eat local. buy local. peace & love.

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Class: Piglet