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Goods & Equipment - Trailers

Multi Purpose Wagon, based on a driving wagon. The running gear includes a trunnion type steering pivot to prevent tip over when a horse team turns sharply. Dual driving seat mounted on leaf springs. Bench seats along each side for taking along family and friends on fall hay rides, maple syrup gathering, or parades. When it's time to work, all seats are easily removable to convert back into a flat surface for hay hauling, fire wood transport, lumber runs and farm maintainace. This wagon can be pulled a team of horses, tractor or truck. A slow moving vehicle triangle is mounted high for road use. My Dad can no longer use this wagon due to health reasons. Mom and Dad even made morning drives through the local McDonalds drive-thru for coffee. Call or text Kristi at 586 438 1966.

Quantity: 1 years