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Price: $130.00

Feed - Hay - Alfalfa

RFV 181 with 20% protein. 3x3x8 square bales weighing approximately 700 pounds each. Total of 77 tons available with 54-60 bales per load. This hay is offered for sale by the ton with a minimum of one(1) truck load. This equates to about 4 semi-loads of some mighty fine dairy quality hay and an excellent price for the RFV! First cut 2016 Alfalfa that was cut early and put up with no rain. Has good green color, typical medium stems and broad leaves. Some preservative was used on this hay in order to get it put up before the rains came in. Thus, some of the first series of bales have high spots of moisture inside. However, these bales have NOT heated up! Tested ambient temperature during our inspection. Owner is willing to probe every single bale before it gets loaded to ensure quality! Easy loading with a scale nearby, only a short drive from the Interstate. For more information call WBH Video Auctions at (605) 456-3822 and ask about lot #612-003.

Quantity: 77 tons