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Medium Combine Paddy Harvester Combine Paddy Harvester(cutting width1.5m) Introduction This paddy/wheat harvester is mainly used for harvesting rice grain and wheat grain, integrating the function of paddy cutting, threshing and seeds cleaning. Combine paddy harvester is specially suitable for both dry and wet paddy field in plain, mountainous and hilly areas. With great adaptability, high security, top performance and high efficiency, this rice combine harvester wins a leading position in international rice harvesting machinery field and could satisfy various requirements of different users. Self-propelled Rice/Wheat Harvester Features rice harvesting 1. Hydraulic force controlled header and double cutting blads. 2. Optimized design of threshing and cleaning device which adopts double vibrating screen ensuring clean seeds collecting. 3. Brand motor engine with strong power and reliable performance. 4. Flexible gearbox ensures a convenient swerve. 5. Wide crawler, strong crawling ability in muddy rice farmland. Connect

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