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Feed - Hay - Alfalfa

Lucerne seed,TEFF 1,2m bales , Eragrostis 1,2m round bales , 1000 ton luserne saad global standaard | lucerne seed global standard AVAILABLE NOW 50000 A grade bales available and 30000 B grade bales available . TEFF 1,2m bales in excellent quality 40000 available . Oathay bales and Brits, 20000 available Oathay bales with seeds big packs and small bales . Lucerne round bales A Grade Lucerne square bales A Grade Oathay medium packs Upington full seed freshly baled A grade lucerne and Burgersfort 40000 A grade lucerne bales A grade lucerne bales A+ grade bales 50000 A grade lucerne bales Brits 70000 Bloubuffel grass / Bloubuffel / Blue Buffalo Grass bales square . 44000 Round Sweet Grass bales 1,2m, 15000 small round bales 10,000 Oat hay bales Ellisras 50000 Eragrostis 1,2m round bales Ellisras DAIRY FARMERS: 34 TONS FIRST DELINTED COTTON SEED. Contact us for quotation and we do nationwide and worldwide delivery .

Quantity: 800,000 tons