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Price: $100.00

Livestock - Swine - Red Wattle

Heritage Breed, Pure bred Red Wattle Hogs for Sale OUT OF REGISTERED STOCK. 100$ each for weaned piglets. Our Pigs are hormone free, antibiotic free, receive natural wormer, and are healthy and active. Piglets are kept with mom until they are sold. They also have free access to feed from birth and are generally rooting and eating some pasture/feed within 2 weeks. We will occasionally have roasting weight pigs, call for availability. We are happy to bring your pig to butcher weight for you with a non refundable deposit. We like a bigger pig for butcher, but, will raise to the weight you prefer-Call for pricing. Heritage Bred Red Wattle breed preservation requires consumption. Our stock are docile and easy to handle. Our Boar is as friendly as the family dog and loves having his belly scratched. Discount available for volume purchase, amount depending on age. Call for details. Here are a few links related to Red Wattle Meat . It is a more tender and flavorful pork with a red tint. Here are the links to a video on our YouTube channel: (copy and paste to address bar) There are also other video's available if you go to the channel home. Text 417-318-one103 Call 417-855-2one30

Quantity: 15 each

Class: Piglet