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Price: $300.00

Livestock - Goats - Dairy - Alpine

I have two purebred Alpine bucklings available, they are currently being dam raised and given lots of love and attention, so they are exteremely friendly and charming little guys! They aren't yet registered with ADGA, but they will be registered and ownership transferred to you upon request. If you would love some friendly pet wethers, we will gladly neuter them for you and will offer them at $100 each, or $150 for the pair. They will be disbudded before they go home with you, unless otherwise requested. We are very flexible as to when you pick them up, if you would like to bottle raise them you may pick them up immediately, and if you would like them weaned you may pick them up at 8 weeks of age having been vaccinated with CD/T and eating medicated kid grain. This would be June 10th or later, depending on when you would like them. "Luke" Broken Chamoise-Light brown/grey color with white and black markings "Toby" Chamoise-Brown/tan color with black markings Birthdates, Dams, and Sires are below, respectively. $300 each with ADGA registry papers; $200 each without papers ~OR~ $500 for the pair with papers; $350 for the pair without papers. We love these boys very much, but we are a small farm and it is necessary that we keep our numbers down. We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have! Thank you for considering, hope to hear from you soon! Email: Phone: 224-321-9477

Quantity: 2

Class: Kid

Dam: The Tulla of Zinnia Farm; RC Follies Tiffany

Birth Date: April 08, 2017

Sire: RC Follies SS Gunner; RC Follies SS Gunner