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Price: $3,000.00

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Valeria is a A2/A2 Guernsey/Holstein Cross and is a healthy, high milk-producer. She is 2 years old, born on 6-21-15. She had her first calf on 4-13-17 and is in the beginning of her lactation, producing about 50 lbs/day on a balanced TMR ration. Born of the highest pedigree, her sire is a registered A2/A2 Guernsey bull named ALSTAR. Her dam is a purebred Holstein. Valeria tested positive for the A2/A2 gene by Zoetis genetics lab. She has no history of illness, has had all of her vaccinations and is able to travel out-of-state. Please call for more details or if you have any questions.

Quantity: 1 each

age (months): 22 months

Class: Heifer

Condition: Moderate

Feed: Mixed

Frame: Medium

horns: No