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Barefoot Expert Farrier Equine Dental Specialist Our natural horsemanship Team are Already Servicing Your Area for over 15 years Traveling Team of Seasoned Skilled Natural Horsemanship Experts $40 - $50 Natural Barefoot Trims Level Frog Knife Nip File $100 - $150 Natural Teeth Floating and Point Reduction No Sedation Required *Five horses services *same destination *same day of service *15% cash discount. Full payment expected time of service. Our family has Worked with Thousands of Equine Animals in our years of servicing All sanitized and professional tools per barn No Drama No Schedule Conflicts No Issues No Time Wasted Professional Handlers of horse's of all levels 904 293 9115 Volusia County Daytona De Land New Smyrna Beach De Leon Springs Perison Astor Sanford Casablanca Deltona Hastings Thur to Osteen Ormond Thur to Summerville 15 horses or more we will schedule new route to your area Work with 20 plus horses a day Please Leave a detailed message: Last trim date ? Any medical or lameness problems ? How your equine handles 1 to 10 ? (Honesty - head shy - kicker - biter - or a complete angel - etc) Breed n hands of horse donkey mini draft? Gender Stallions Broodmares ? Purpose - family pet - trails - high performance? When are you requesting service date and at how many weeks ? (Schedule your horses a week out and up to the next 3 trim cycles!) Location ? Amount of horses same day service? Why you are changing or shopping for a new equine service provider? ** All questions help with our interview process to assist in your search for the overall welfare of your pets and our future clients needs. Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person to assist for your Equines future care. We will return a direct phone call by that evening and schedule in advance for your services. Note = our business Scheduling is extremely professional n originated - if your scheduled it's in gold. Cancellation fees apply without 24 hour notice. If you are reading this because you believe your Equine is having a medical emergency..... call your normal everyday go to... Vet. Call your Vet ASAP for the needs of your Equine. We will be happy to work with your Vet after his or her professional documented diagnosis n xrays. Our Specialist Horsemanship Expert have Provided Demonstration for National Geographic For a Natural Equine Mainteance segement

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