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A2/A2 Jersey, Jersey x Guernsey, Jersey x Guernsey x French Normandy. Some in milk, some with calf at side, some dry, some bred heifers, some registered, some not registered, some 4 quarters, some 3 quarters. All are full time with an A2/A2 bull. All from a raw milk small grass based dairy with access to 6-10 lbs of soy free, gmo free grain/day. All tested annually for BLV, TB and Brucellosis and clean at last testing. Johnes tested as needed and culled. All gentle. All can be hand or machine milked. Not halter trained. $2,500-4,000. text or call me on 6787346913

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age (months): 7 months

Bred to: A2/A2 Jersey x 1/32nd French Normandy Bull

Class: Cow

Condition: Moderate

Feed: Mixed

Frame: Medium

horns: Yes

number 1: 2017

number 2: 2018

Avg Weight (lbs): 950 lbs