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Price: $1,400.00

Livestock - Cattle - Dairy - Holstein

a distinct dairy breed with a high milk yield. We can offer you open heifers, heifers, fresh cows, cows or breeding bulls. SPECIFICATIONS OF OUR HEIFERS Performance: lactation, based on 305 days. 1st lactation – no less than 7.000 kg of milk 2nd lactation – no less than 8.000 kg of milk 3rd or subsequent lactation – no less than 9.000 kg of milk. Age: 18-30 months on the day of delivery. Weight: 450-550 kg (They are high milk producers with an average of 30 liters per day) depending on the age and stage of pregnancy at the time of dispatch. Pregnancy: 3-6 months before the date, confirmed by results of the inspection veterinarian.

Quantity: 170 each

age (months): 18 months

Class: Cow

Condition: Moderate