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Alpine Dairy Goat Prize Herd For Sale - 4 does & 1 buck $2400 for the herd. In dispersing our dairy goat herds, we are offering for sale our prized core alpine herd. These are the result of 16 years of breeding, selection, and blessing from God through many kind people. These goats are the ones we have been selecting over years to continue our dairy goat herd and are all in the prime of their productive life. Does: - Moore's-Meadow WRRC Dream (Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian X Olentangy Fiery Cyprine) - age: 7yrs ( - Snowden Family Calibre's Kandy (Moore's-Meadow CGM Calibre X Snowden Family Ruffian Kayenne) - age: 6yrs ( - Snowden Family Taffy (Moore's-Meadow CGM Comedian X Snowden Family Calibre's Kandy) - age: 3yrs ( - Snowden Family Kisses (Moore's-Meadow CGM Comedian X Snowden Family Calibre's Kandy)- age: 3yrs ( Buck: - Cherry Glen Lucious Fidis (Cherry Glen Handel Lucious X Cherry Glen Gleason Faire)- age: 3yrs ( We are offering them all together as a herd for $2400. They have: - Gentle and friendly dispositions. We have attended every birth, handling and loving each kid from birth, making each one very personable. - Excellent conformation and production backed by genetically proven lines. - Excellent milking ability / high milk production Our Alpines are lovely, spunky does that will produce abundant milk for all your needs, and keep your family laughing with their friendly antics! Please Visit our website: for descriptions, pedigrees, and more pictures at Email: Call: 979-436-3912

Quantity: 5 each